1: About Me

Writing. I’ve left it. It’s left me. I start writing about something (random thoughts, short stories). I rarely finish. Unfinished projects that I always go back to over the years.

But I still love it. The urge to put pen to paper, open a file and start typing away; I’ve always gone back to it. It’s always been there for me to express whatever I wanted to write.  Rarely have I let anyone see my writings in the earlier days and it’s only recently that I’ve slowly gotten over myself and asked other people for their opinions.

I don’t know if it’s the same for you, but having someone critique it – in a manner that it isn’t softly-softly – can be quite demoralising. I don’t need constant affirmations but because I’ve always used writing as a personal outlet, it’s taken me a long time to show it publicly.

So, I’ve dabbled for years. Slowly showing my various bits and bobs to friends and family and recently, of all things; I went on a cruise and wrote a review about it specifically for a cruise blog. I read the submissions section and a few of the posts to get a feel for how to style my post. I submitted it to the blog owner and she loved it – thank you, Emma (www.cruisingisntjustforoldpeople.co.uk). I sent it to my family and friends and everyone loved it. They actually engaged with my review and everyone said: start your own blog, writing’s always been your thing, write about all of your experiences.

And I thought, yeah; why not. Peeps use this as their journal, why haven’t I already done so?  Just write. Something just clicked.

So here I am. Starting my own journey of what it means to write about my own experiences in a public domain.

Thanks for reading, Moe



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